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Edamame in Shell Edamame Shelled Mori Nu Tofu
Melissa’s Soy Beans are fully cooked, then packaged using a new system known as modified atmosphere packaging. Popular for their great taste and health benefits, you will find these at sushi bars and many restaurants as appetizers and snacks. The smooth and delicious Mori-Nu Brand Tofu in Soft and Firm guarantees consistent quality for 10 months without refrigeration, preservatives or irradiation.
Organic Edamame 3 pack Organic Edamame 6 pack Organic Tofu
Organic Tofu
Our Price: $11.79
These nutrient-rich, fresh soybeans are an essential ingredient in Asian cuisine. Low in fat and calories, high in protein, and a great source of fiber, vitamin A, iron, and calcium, Melissa's Organic Edamame is the perfect healthy snack. Melissa's Organic Edamame is the perfect healthy snack or tasty addition to your favorite salad, stir-fry, or side dish. Healthy and delicious, bring home a little sushi bar fun and flavor with Melissa's Organic Edamame. Melissa's Organic Tofu is carefully made for excellent, consistent quality and a long shelf life. The 120 day shelf life is longer than most other tofu available on the market.
Ready-to-Eat Soybeans 3 pack Ready-to-Eat Soybeans 6 pack Soy Ground
Soy Ground®
Our Price: $19.69
Melissa's Soybeans are fully cooked, ready to eat and convenient for snacking. They are high in protein and low in fat and calories. A great source of fiber, vitamin A, iron and calcium. Not only healthy but also really tasty! This item can be frozen.

Soy Ground is the vegetarian version of an All-American classic: ground beef. With Soy Ground, it's easy to create a quick, convenient and healthy meal!
Soy Taco Soyrizo Spicy Edamame
Soy Taco
Our Price: $19.49
Our Price: $19.49
Spicy Edamame (Soybeans)
Our Price: $12.79
Melissa's Soy Taco is a pure vegetable product, yet very similar to regular taco meat in many ways. It is a savory addition to many dishes, including tacos, taco salads, burritos, enchiladas, pasta sauce, lasagna and chili. A savory addition to many dishes including casseroles, vegetables, rice, soups, stews, enchiladas and eggs, Soyrizo provides a delicious meatless alternative with 60% less fat and no cholesterol.
Melissa’s Spicy Edamame is seasoned with a mix of favorite Asian flavors that include sesame, soy sauce, salt, ginger, and Togarashi seasoning. These seasonings enhance the flavor of edamame with a spicy and savory taste.