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Organic Sweet Mini Peppers Organic Tri-color Bell Peppers Padron Peppers
Melissa's Organic Sweet Mini Peppers look and taste very similar to the bell pepper, but are sweeter and smaller.
Grill whole or stuff with meat and rice filling; sliced they are great in stir-fries or served raw with a tasty dip.
Padron peppers are a small, thin-skinned pepper traditional to the Galicia region of Spain.
Pasilla Peppers Pickled Habanero Peppers Pickled Jalapenos
Pasilla Peppers
Our Price: $19.49
Pickled Jalapenos
Our Price: $14.59
Roasting gives the Pasilla a smoky, earthy flavor that can be combined with fruits and served with duck, seafood or lamb. Melissa’s turns up the heat with these pickled Habanero Chiles. The lantern shaped Habanero (which means "from Havana") is one of the hottest chile grown in the world! With their medium level heat and meaty flesh, these chiles have fast become an American favorite.
Purple Jalapeno Red Fresno Peppers Red Jalapeno Peppers
Red Fresno Peppers
Our Price: $16.99
Purple Jalapenos are found in a broad range of Latin dishes. The Red Fresno Chile is easily mistaken for the red jalapeno, however, if you look and sample closely, you'll see it typically has wider shoulders and a hotter flavor. Jalapenos are found in a multitude of Latin dishes. Ranging from mild to very hot with a green vegetable flavor.  Red Jalapenos have a sweeter flavor and are often pickled or smoked to make chipotles.
Red Piquillo Peppers Red Savina Habanero Pepper Red Shishito Peppers
The Piquillo is a roasting pepper with a rich, spicy-sweet flavor that must be cooked to be enjoyed as the variety’s leathery skin is simply too tough and chewy to be served raw. The result is a pepper that is twice as hot as a regular Habanero or, for perspective, some 65 times hotter that a Jalapeno Pepper! The Red Shishito has a slightly meatier texture and peppery-spice flavor compared to milder green Shishito.
Salsa Kit Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Scotch Bonnet Chile Peppers
Salsa Kit
Our Price: $17.50
Melissa's Salsa Kits will help you create 6 cups of mouthwatering fresh salsa to put the "ole!" in your next celebration. Touted as the hottest chile pepper in the world by Guinness Book of Records, the Trinidad Scorpion packs a flavor bite that should be taken very seriously and in small quantities. Scotch Bonnet provides a bit fruitier flavor, although it is still very hot. When fully ripe, these chiles range in color from pale yellow-green to red and yellow.