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Crab Apples Crimson Delight Apples Crunchy Gold Apple Pears
These small apples are widely used to make outstanding jams and jellies and serve as a delicious accompaniment to pork and poultry. Fruit skin has an attractive orange-red to pinkish-red blush over a yellow background with very conspicuous white lenticels that are unique to the variety.
This California grown native is sweet and crunchy, with a flavor reminiscent of lemon, lime, pineapple and pear.
Green Dragon Apples Hanners Jumbo Apples Heirloom Antique Apples
The appearance is that of a green Golden Delicious. The white crisp-textured flesh of the Green Dragon Apple is encased in a skin that resists bruising. The unique Hanners Jumbo is one of the largest apple varieties grown on record.
Heirloom apples are a colorful collection of apple varieties whose root stock has been preserved for generations, sometimes even centuries.
Honeycrisp Apples Lady Alice Apples Lady Apples
As the name of the variety implies, this is one of the sweetest tasting apples in the marketplace today. The Honeycrisp™ tends to be quite large with light red striping over a gold background. A new variety from Washington State, the Lady Alice Apple has a distinctly round and slightly squatty shape.  Their flavor starts sweet, with a pleasant tart after taste. The flesh of this small apple is sweet-tart and can be eaten raw though it is normally cooked to bring out the best flavor. They can be used in stuffings or chutneys and work well paired with pork, ham, chicken or lamb.
Organic Ambrosia Apples Organic Baby Gala Apples Organic Black Arkansas Apples
Melissa's Ambrosia Apples are a sweet, low-acid apple, with a fragrant, pleasing aroma. These little beauties are sweet, crisp and a have a delightful bouquet. A cross between Golden Delicious and Pippin apples, they are best eaten out of hand. These apples are a tasty heirloom variety that was first grown in Arkansas by an early settler in the 1840’s.  They originated from a Winesap seedling.
Organic Braeburn Apples Organic Crimson Gold Apples Organic Fuji Apples
Organic Fuji Apples
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Melissa's Organic Braeburn Apples are great for snacks, sauces, salads, and baking with your favorite apple recipes. This variety of apple is a descendent of the Newtown and Spitzenburg heirloom apples.

Fuji Apples offer the color, juice and firmness of a Red Delicious and the heirloom flavor of a Ralls Janet.

Organic Gala Apples Organic Golden Delicious Apples Organic Granny Smith Apples
Organic Gala Apples
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Gala apples have a thinner skin and are fairly resistant to bruising which makes them a perfect snack out of hand or utilized as a tasty apple for baking. One of the most popular varieties in the marketplace today, Golden Delicious Apples are also a versatile apple, and can be used both for dessert and cooking purposes.

This variety has a solid green exterior with a greenish to yellowish-white, fine-grained flesh. The taste is mildly sweet with a tart after taste, which sweetens in storage.

Organic Hidden Rose Apples Organic Honeycrisp Apples Organic Orin Apples
The deep rose red interior fruit is juicy, crisp and richly flavored, having a good balance of both sweet and tart. As the name of the variety implies, this is one of the sweetest tasting apples in the marketplace today. The Honeycrisp™ tends to be quite large with light red striping over a gold background. The Orin Apple is a unique tasting Japanese variety that has a yellow skin with a reddish orange blush, dotted with conspicuous white lenticels.
Organic Rosa Lynn Apples Organic Tsugaru Apples Pink Lady Apples
The Rosa Lynn has a deep red color with a mildly sweet, crisp flavor; when cut the apple does not turn brown.
The Tsugaru is a cross between a Gold Delicious and Orange Pippin, originally developed in Japan and only available for a short time early in the apple season. An Australian hybrid variety developed by their country’s Department of Agriculture in the 1970, the Pink Lady is aptly named having a distinctive pink blush over a yellow background.
SweeTango Apples Tejocote Fruit
The SweeTango® is new hybrid variety that is the tasty result of more than a decade of cross-breeding. The fruit has a very deep red blush over a bright yellow background; its flavor is juicy sweet with hints of cinnamon. Tejocotes are the size of cherry tomatoes with a thin bright yellow skin. The cream-colored fruit has a sweet and sour taste, reminiscent of plum and apricot.