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Amber Jewel Plums Angel Fire Peaches Angelcots
Melissa’s Amber Jewel Plumcots are large, delicious plum/apricot hybrids. These thin-skinned, burgundy colored fruits are a semi-freestone variety. More flat than round and looking very similar to a donut, this new proprietary variety is much sweeter than regular peaches. A new variety of apricot with a beautiful light rose blush over a yellow skin and creamy white interior.
Apriums Black Cherry Plumcots Black Nector Plumcots
A cross between a plum and and apricot, the Aprium has the most delicious properties of both fruits. With their slight fuzz and round shape, apriums more closely resemble apricots. It is aptly named for both its cherry flavored overtones and round shape. One of the first Plumcot varieties of the new season is also one of the sweetest.
Black Tupelo Pluots Black Velvet Apricots Blue Velvet Apricots
Black Tupelo Pluots have a dark burgundy skin speckled with gold; the interior fruit is an attractive rosy red. Melissa’s Black Velvet Apricots have a a super sweet, highly concentrated flavor. The Blue Velvet is actually an Aprium, which is a cross between a plum and apricot.
Candy Pearl White Nectarines Crimson Velvet Apricots D'Agen Sugar Plum
White Nectarines are generally sweeter that yellow varieties; Candy Pearls are the sweetest of the sweet. The super sweet flavor and the mild acidity makes you think you are eating candy.
The D’Angen is prized for its culinary range as it can be used as a key ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.
Dapple Dandy Plumcots Elephant Heart Plum Emerald Beaut Plumcots
This fruit has one of the highest brix level readings on a refractometer, meaning that it has a very sweet taste!
They are juicy and have blood-red free stone flesh with a distinctive rich flavor of honey and vanilla with tart berry undertones.
This variety of plumcot is a hybrid mix of 50% plum and 50% apricot.
Flavor Grenade Plumcots Flavor Queen Plumcots Flavorosa Plumcots
Melissa’s Flavor Grenade Plumcots are large, delicious plum/apricot hybrids.

Plumcots are hybrid crosses between plums and apricots.
Flavorosa Plumcots have a rich, dark skin that protects a gorgeous burgundy flesh with hints of plum, cherry, pomegranate and honey.
Gold Bar Apricots Golden Velvet Apricots Green Fuji Pluots
The fruit has a firm, meaty texture and is moderately juicy.
The super sweet flavor and medium aciditicy make you think you are eating dessert.
A Plumcot is a hybrid cross of a plum and apricot. The Pluot is much sweeter than either of its parents, being 75% plum and 25% apricot, with a unique speckled skin.
Green Gage Plums Green Goose Plumcots Hass Avocado
Hass Avocado
Our Price: $13.29
Considered the finest of all dessert plums, the cherry-sized Green Gage Plum has a delicate, sometimes translucent, yellow-green skin tinged with a rose pink that turns golden as the fruit ripens. As one of the last varieties to be harvested in the season, the Green Goose is extremely sweet and juicy. It has a pale green flesh with creamy texture has a nutty flavor.
Honey Punch Pluots Honey Red Dino Plumcots Honey Royale Nectarines
Exclusively grown in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley, has a unique red-speckled skin and, when sliced, its lipstick red fruit pales to an attractive light rose center. The interior fruit is muted ruby with a slight yellow hue at the center. Melissa's Honey Royale Nectarines have smooth orange-yellow skin with striking red markings.
Honeydew Nectarine Italian Prune Plums Japanese Plum
This smaller sized nectarine is actually a successful cross between several nectarine varieties. Good-quality Italian Prune Plums will have a cloudy film on them, similar to a blueberry, which is the fruits natural protection against moisture. The Japanese Plum has a colorful red-yellow skin with rosy red interior that is mildly sweet, quite firm yet still juicy.
Lemon Plums Magenta Plums Monstercots
Magenta Plums
Our Price: $20.19
Lemon Plums are named for their resemblance to a lemon in shape and color only; however, their delicate flavor is extremely sweet and very juicy. Unlike most plum varieties, the Magenta plum has no astringent aftertaste and, in fact, has a flavor reminiscent of fresh sweet cherries.
With their dark blush, autumn-orange color, delicious apricot flavor and early season availibility, monstercots make for the perfect kick off to the spring tree fruit season.
Nectacotum Plumcots Nectarines Orbit Fire Peaches
Nectacotum Plumcots are low in fat, trans fat-free, sodium free, cholesterol free, and high in vitamin C. Melissa's Nectarines have a smooth orange-yellow skin with striking red markings. Aptly named, the Orbit Fire’s no fuzz skin is a creamy yellow with a bright, red-rose blush; the extra juicy interior fruit is a bright gold.
Organic Apricots Organic Dapple Dandy Plumcots Organic Flavorcrest Peaches
Organic Apricots are one of the best natural sources of Vitamin A, which is essential for increasing immunity to colds and other illnesses, healthy skin and good vision (insufficient amounts can cause night blindness). The rich, red flesh tastes like a combination of plum and apricot. The Flavorcrest is a very large, round, freestone variety with firm yellow fruit that is quite flavorful.
Organic Mango Organic Masumoto Peaches Organic Nectarines
Organic Mango
Our Price: $14.49
The fruit is a regular oval, has yellowish-orange with deep red to purple blush on its skin, and is juicy but firm with medium fiber. Grown on a small family farm, these tree ripened peaches highlight the flavor and beauty of Summer on the horizon. Nectarines are very closely related to peaches and in fact, only differ by the gene that creates the "fuzz" on the outside of a peach.
Organic Peach Bites Organic Peaches Organic Plum Bites
Organic Peaches
Our Price: $20.39
Organic Plum Bites
Our Price: $11.79
Although these fruits may be a little smaller than your average peach, they are bursting with intense flavor.  Kids love them for their petite, easier-to-hold size. Melissa's Organic California Peaches remain one of the summers most sought-after fruits. Sweet, juicy, vibrant colored plums are a delight to the senses and are a cool, satisfying snack during these hot summer days.
Organic Plumcot Bites Organic Plums Organic Rose Diamond Nectarines
These little gems are boasting with flavor that only warm Summer days can create.  Don't miss out on all the different varieties of the season. Organic Plums are preferred for reasons of their succulent juicy taste, health and the environment.  They are sweet, tender and very juicy. The flavor is refreshingly sweet and extra juicy. Nectarines are the same species as a peach, but due to a recessive gene, they do not develop the characteristic fuzz and are much firmer.
Organic Saturn Peaches Organic Spring Lady Peaches Organic White Nectarine
Bite into a perfectly ripe, sweet Saturn peach and your taste buds will be in heaven. Grown on a small family farm, these tree ripened peaches highlight the flavor and beauty of Summer on the horizon. White nectarines are slightly sweeter that yellow nectarines, in fact, the white nectarine tastes just as sweet right after it is harvested.
Organic White Peaches Peach A Rine Peach Pie Peaches
White peaches are slightly sweeter that yellow peaches, in fact, the white peach tastes just as sweet right after it is harvested as it does when it has softened, while a yellow peach gradually sweetens as it becomes soft. The Peach-a-rine has slightly darker skin tones than a typical peach with very little fuzz and a firm, pale yellow interior fruit. Peach Pie Peaches is a new flat peach variety with a creamy, old fashioned flavor.
Peaches Plumcots Plumogranate Plumcots
Whether you enjoy peaches in a salad, in a pie, with cereal, atop ice cream, or preserved, they can add a wonderful flavor to numerous entrees and desserts. Plumcots are a hybrid of a plum and an apricot. They mainly retain the characteristics and flavor of a plum. Named for its deep, rich red interior coloring, the Plumogranate is candy sweet having an extremely high sugar content.
Plums Rainier Cherries Raspberry Splendor Plumcots
Rich and tangy with a sweet-tart taste, Melissas plums may be enjoyed eaten out of hand or used in fruit salads, compotes, tarts, or pies. This lovely plump cherry is larger, but more fragile with an eighteen percent increase in sugar content compared to the Bing cherry. The taste has a resemblance of rapberries. This fruit is juicy, very sweet, and sumptuously delicious.
Red Velvet Apricot Rich Lady Peaches Saturn Peaches
Melissa’s Red Velvet Apricots (actually a Plum-Cot) have a beautiful deep dark red skin with a golden flesh. Rich Lady Peaches are very juicy with a superlative natural sweetness. Bite into a perfectly ripe, sweet Saturn peach and your taste buds will be in heaven.
Sugar Jewel Plumcot Sugar Plums Sugar Red Dino Plumcots
Sugar Jewels are red with a green hue and yellow flesh. Naturally full of sugar and incredibly delicious, their deep purple speckled crimson exterior will reveal a rich yellow flesh. The variety is large, hence the reference to Dinosaur eggs in the name, with a rich burgundy skin that covers a light rouge red interior fruit.
Sugar Supreme White Nectarines Super Nova Plumcots Sweet Dream Peaches
The full-bodied flavor and high sugar content make Sugar Supremes a juicy sweet hand fruit; they are also excellent grilled, poached or used in baked goods such as pies and tarts.
The Super Nova is a variety with a deep purple speckled skin and an attractive fire-red interior. Although enormous in size, these stone fruit favorites offer the same sweet flavor as their smaller counterparts.
Sweet Petite Plums Terra White Nectarines Tulare Giant Plum
Red and yellow sweet petite plums are two of the newest varieties of plums on the market today. These are premium white flesh nectarines with an off white and red blush exterior and a creamy white flesh with a gold band. While they are less juicy than other plums, their lack of liquid creates a very intense flavor when baked.
White Apricots
A new variety of apricot with a beautiful light rose blush over a yellow skin and creamy white interior.