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Amber Jewel Plums Angel Fire Peaches Angelcots
Melissa’s Amber Jewel Plumcots are large, delicious plum/apricot hybrids. These thin-skinned, burgundy colored fruits are a semi-freestone variety. More flat than round and looking very similar to a donut, this new proprietary variety is much sweeter than regular peaches. A new variety of apricot with a beautiful light rose blush over a yellow skin and creamy white interior.
Apriums Black Cherry Plumcots Black Nector Plumcots
A cross between a plum and and apricot, the Aprium has the most delicious properties of both fruits. With their slight fuzz and round shape, apriums more closely resemble apricots. It is aptly named for both its cherry flavored overtones and round shape. One of the first Plumcot varieties of the new season is also one of the sweetest.
Black Tupelo Pluots Black Velvet Apricots Blue Velvet Apricots
Black Tupelo Pluots have a dark burgundy skin speckled with gold; the interior fruit is an attractive rosy red. Melissa’s Black Velvet Apricots have a a super sweet, highly concentrated flavor. The Blue Velvet is actually an Aprium, which is a cross between a plum and apricot.
Candy Pearl White Nectarines Cherry Plums Crimson Velvet Apricots
White Nectarines are generally sweeter that yellow varieties; Candy Pearls are the sweetest of the sweet. As the name implies, Cherry Plums are a hybrid cross of these two fruit favorites. Specifically, the fruit was developed in the late 1800s by crossing a Japanese plum with a North American cherry variety, producing a petit and uniquely-flavored plum. The super sweet flavor and the mild acidity makes you think you are eating candy.
D'Agen Sugar Plum Dapple Dandy Plumcots Elephant Heart Plum
The D’Angen is prized for its culinary range as it can be used as a key ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.
This fruit has one of the highest brix level readings on a refractometer, meaning that it has a very sweet taste!
They are juicy and have blood-red free stone flesh with a distinctive rich flavor of honey and vanilla with tart berry undertones.