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Baby Leaves/Hojas de Laurel (Don Enrique Brand)
Bay Leaves / Hojas de Laurel (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $6.99

Bay Leaves are extremely pungent, with a sharp, bitter taste. more info
Caliente Pepper Assortment
Caliente Pepper Assortment (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $25.10
Deal of the Day Price: $22.59
Savings: $2.51

Salsas, Chile Rellenos, Moles, Enchiladas... so many tasty dishes to choose from when you have fresh and dried peppers at your fingertips! more info
Canela / Cinnamon Sticks (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $8.50

Don Enrique’s Canela (Cinnamon Sticks) is harvested from the inner bark of the stems of a tropical evergreen tree. Canela curls into long quills when dried. Cut into lengths, canela is sold as is or may be ground into powdered cinnamon and used for baking and cooking. more info
Chile Pistachio Nuts
Chile Pistachio Nuts (Don Enrique Brand)

Don Enrique's Chile Pistachio Nuts are a deliciously spicy, crunchy snack sensation! more info
Coquitos (Don Enrique® Brand)

Melissa’s Coquitos are nuts cultivated from a Chilean Palm trees. They closely resemble coconuts in appearance but are much smaller. They taste of rich coconut with a sweet, nutty taste and have a crunchy texture you'll love. more info
Corn Husk
Corn Husk (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $18.49

Corn Husks, from Don Enrique (a complete line of Latin items from Melissa’s) are extremely popular in Latin and Caribbean cuisine.
more info
Dried Anaheim Peppers
Dried Anaheim Peppers (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $8.80

Excellent roasted or stuffed for chile rellenos, their sweet, mild flavor is used in a broad range of Latin dishes.
more info
Dried Ancho Peppers
Dried Ancho Pepper (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $11.80

Full-bodied, but mild; used to flavor salsas, dips, and mole sauces. Pepper Temperature Scale:  3-5 more info
Dried Cascabel
Dried Cascabel (Don Enrique® Brand)

Flavorful and smoky with an acidic bite, used primarily for sauces and soups.

Chile Temperature Scale: 4
more info
Dried Chile Peppers
Dried Chipotle Peppers (Chile Chipotle - Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $11.80

A large, dried, smoked jalapeno, the Chipotle is also known as a chile ahumado or chile meco. Tan to coffee brown in color, the Chipotle pepper is veined, ridged and measures 2-4 inches long and 1 inch across. Producing a subtle, deep heat, Chipotles are used widely in Mexican and Latin cuisine. more info
Dried De Arbol Pepper
Dried De Arbol Peppers (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $7.50

Hot & spicy, used most often in stir-fries and other Asian recipes. Pepper Temperature Scale:  7-8 more info
Dried Epazote
Dried Epazote (Don Enrique® Brand)

A wild herb with a sharp, strong flavor often compared to cilantro. more info
Dried Guajillo Peppers
Dried Guajillo Pepper (Chile Guajillo - Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $10.00

Measuring about 4-6 inches long, the Guajillo has berry tones with a sweet heat and is commonly used in salsas, chile sauces, soups and stews. more info
Dried Hatch Chile Don Enrique Brand
Dried Hatch Pepper (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $16.99

Hatch peppers, grown exclusively in the Mesilla Valley near Hatch, New Mexico, are considered to be some of the most flavorful peppers in the world.
more info
Dried Japones Pepper
Dried Japones Pepper (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $7.50

This peppers is very flavorful and spicy with a medium-high heat. Try them sparingly in Asian dishes, especially stir-fries, for a little "kick" to your meal. Pepper Temperature Scale:  6-8 more info
Dried New Mexico Peppers
Dried New Mexico Peppers (Chile New Mexico - Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $8.80

Melissa’s Dried New Mexico Chiles are preferred for use in sauces, soups and stews. In their dry form, these chiles are also used to make decorative wreaths and strings (ristras). more info
Dried Pasilla Peppers
Dried Pasilla Peppers (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $10.99

Imparting a rich, deep, moderately hot flavor to pizza, soups, and casseroles. Pepper Temperature Scale:  3-5 more info
Dried Chile Tepin
Dried Tepin Peppers (Chile Tepin - Don Enrique® Brand)

Don Enrique Chile Tepin is a small, searingly hot chile. Registering an intense 8 out of 10 on the chile heat scale, this red chile has a dry, musty flavor that produces a quick burn. more info
Jamaica (Don Enrique® Hibiscus Pod)
Jamaica (Don Enrique® Hibiscus Pod)
Our Price: $8.50

Slightly tart (like cranberries), Jamaica blends well with other teas (especially when infused with sorrel leaves) and imparts a warm, pinkish (fuchsia) color. more info
Pasta Duros Wheels
Pasta Duros, Wheels (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $9.50

Delicious as a snack served with hot sauce, salsa, or try with fresh lime juice and a sprinkle of Don Enrique's Pico de Gallo seasoning powder. more info