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Anaheim Peppers Angel Fire Peaches Apriums
Anaheim Pepper
Our Price: $19.99
Anaheim (pronounced AN-uh-hym) Chile Peppers are among the most popular and commonly available chiles in the United States.
More flat than round and looking very similar to a donut, this new proprietary variety is much sweeter than regular peaches. A cross between a plum and and apricot, the Aprium has the most delicious properties of both fruits. With their slight fuzz and round shape, apriums more closely resemble apricots.
Assorted Pearl Onions Baby Bok Choy Baby Dutch Onions
Baby Bok Choy
Our Price: $21.99
Gold Pearls are the most aromatic and pungent of the three, best for cooking whole.
It is a versatile vegetable which is delicious in soups and stir-fry, braised whole or sautéed. Milder in flavor than yellow onions, these Baby Dutch onions can be eaten raw.
Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes Baby Heirloom Tomatoes Baby Red Potatoes
Baby Heirloom Tomatoes
Our Price: $15.20
Baby Red Potatoes
Our Price: $12.29
These baby potatoes can be cooked in almost any way imaginable and provide a delicious way to round out a healthy diet. They have a light, subtle flavor and a creamy texture. To preserve the nutrients in these wonderfully healthy treats, leave the skins on and simply scrub gently in water before using. Generally, an “heirloom” variety is one that has existed more than fifty years, and can reproduce from its own seed. Melissa’s Mixed Baby Heirloom Tomato pack connects us to the essence and history of homegrown varieties. There are several types of variety potatoes available from Melissa's. The Thin-skinned types include Baby Red Potatoes (also know as Red Creamers).
Baby Ruby Gold Potatoes Basil Cilantro
Baby Ruby Gold® Potatoes
Our Price: $13.30
These baby potatoes can be cooked in almost any way imaginable. They have a light, subtle flavor and a creamy texture. This popular herb is well-liked for its warm, spicy overtones and rich fragrance. With nuances of licorice and cloves, Cilantro’s hardy flavor makes it a favorite of Latin, Asian, Indian and Caribbean cooking.
Cipolline Onions Cleaned and Sliced Leeks Costa Azul Hot Sauce
Cipolline Onions
Our Price: $11.80
Cleaned and Sliced Leeks
Our Price: $10.49
Costa Azul Hot Sauce
Our Price: $16.19

Melissa’s Cipolline Onions are delicious in any dish where extra flavor is needed. Sure to be one of the sweetest onions you will taste.

Leeks have a deliciously mild onion flavor laced with subtle hints of garlic.
As a hot sauce that’s full flavor with a healthy amount of tang, we suggest you try it on nearly everything and use liberally.