Bleu Cheese Stuffed Hatch Chile Burgers
By Chef Tom Fraker


1 pound Lean Ground Beef
1 cup Crumbled Bleu Cheese to taste
Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper
4 slices Cheddar Cheese
2 each Melissa's New Mexico Hatch Peppers -- roasted, peeled, seeded, halved
(If it's not currently Hatch season, feel free to use the grand-daughter of the Hatch, the Anaheim Pepper)
4 each Hamburger Buns


In a bowl, combine the beef, bleu cheese and salt and pepper until well mixed.

Form the mixture into 4 patties.

Place the patties onto a wire rack and place it onto a sheet pan.

Place 1 piece of cheddar cheese onto each burger and then top each with one half of a Hatch Pepper.

Place under the broiler and cook to your desired doneness.

Add your favorite condiments and enjoy.

Makes 4 burgers.


These burgers could also be done on the grill.