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Pickled Tokyo Turnips
Recipe By Corporate Chef Miki Hackney

Pickled Tokyo Turnips

8 ea Baby Turnips
1Tbsp Sea Salt
1 tsp Chile Japones or De Arbol, crushed
1ea Meyer Lemon, zest only
1pr disposable gloves

Remove and trim all but ¼ inch of tops from turnips. Fill the sink or a deep bowl with enough water to submerge and allow turnips to move freely. Swish turnips so that tops are downward, allowing any sand or debris to fall away. Remove turnips and discard water. Repeat the process. If keeping the greens, wash the turnip greens in the same manner, allowing the sand to fall to the bottom of vessel before removing greens. A few suggestions for the tops are sauté or include with fresh salad greens.

Pat turnips dry and quarter them from top to bottom, trying to include some of the green in each quadrant. Place turnips in a bowl with sea salt, chile, and lemon zest. Put on gloves and massage turnips until moist. Transfer to a plastic bag or mason jar; tightly seal. Refrigerate at least one hour or overnight before use.

To serve turnips, squeeze out excess moisture and use within two days. Pairs well with hot rice or faro, bahn mi sandwiches, or as they are.

Serves 6