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October, 2009

Fall harvest is the time to enjoy fun holiday items, beginning with Halloween and ending with Thanksgiving.

Melissa's offers a complete variety of items:


    Squash Winter Squash

    Dried Items


    Ornamentals Ornamentals

    Onions and Garlic


    Enjoy any fall recipe with Melissa's fresh array of fall fruits and vegetables. Did you know: Onions can help reduce cholesterol so using them in your everyday recipes can only be beneficial. Winter squash is high in vitamin A and has no sodium, fat or cholesterol. They are also low calorie and filling! Great as a casserole or side dish to help satisfy that hunger.

    Another great fall item is the ever-so-familiar pumpkin: Pumpkins can be orange, which is the most common color, or white, which are called ghost pumpkins. Generally people carve the pumpkins into a “Jack ‘o Lantern” by making a face on the pumpkin. The inner seeds are also popular to bake as a crunchy snack. You can season them with salt or your favorite popcorn seasoning for a real treat. Pumpkins can also be cooked and eaten just like any other squash. The most popular recipe for a pumpkin is pie.

    Here is a simple serving suggestion for just about any squash:

    Create a serving bowl or individual soup bowl depending on the size of the squash you choose.

    Here’s how:
    1. Choose a squash that can “sit” comfortably on the table without too much bobbling.
    2. Carve out a circle from the top of the squash* with a sharp knife to make a “lid”.
    3. Scoop out any seeds or unwanted fibers.
    4. Bake squash in 375º oven for about 30 minutes, depending on size and quantity of squash, until just tender. You do not want to overcook, or squash will get mushy and will not hold up as a bowl.
    5. Let squash cool.
    6. Fill with your favorite soup or stew and cover with “lid” cut out.
    Your guests will enjoy a great dish that can be served as an appetizer or a main dish. The squash can be scraped away from the sides of the shells and eaten too. This is a great holiday idea.

    *Some squash are difficult to cut. Place whole squash in 375 degrees oven for about 10-15 until the outer shell softens enough to cut. Adjust cooking time accordingly, so squash does not overcook.