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Explore Melissa's latest book, Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce, a Guide to Easy-to-Make Dishes with Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables.

Melissa's Everyday Cooking Cookbook
Melissa's Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce refines the theme of the first book that author and food columnist Cathy Thomas wrote for Melissa’s that demystified fresh produce in Melissa’s Great Book of Produce. This time Cathy focuses on more than one hundred of the most common organic fruits and vegetables found in today’s global marketplace. The book provides a seasonal calendar of availability for each crop as well as helpful hints on selection and storage, plus nutritional content; all organized alphabetically into fifty-six produce categories for quick reference.

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On its value as a fresh produce reference guide alone, the book is a must-have to complete the culinary libraries of home chefs at all levels of expertise. Useful to the experienced gourmet as well as the novice cook, the book serves up a concise and detailed examination of each of these one-hundred most popular fresh produce items from field to fork.

However, the core spirit of Cathy’s book really centers on some 450 creative, yet deliciously practical, recipes that demonstrate how this seasonal bounty of fresh ingredients can be a part of anyone’s daily meal plan without a lot of preparation time. All illustrated by the stunning color photography of Nicholas Koon. Beyond the usual ingredient lists and instructions, each recipe also includes cooking tips, serving suggestions and a nutritional breakdown as well as meatless options where applicable.

“Part of the fun of cooking and entertaining is creating delectable dishes without spending hours in the kitchen,” explains Cathy. “This book presents quick-to-prepare recipes that rely on organic fresh fruits and vegetables to make healthy, colorful and delicious dishes possible even for those juggling the full schedule of a busy lifestyle. Not having the time to indulge in a lengthy meal preparation does not mean that dishes have to be short on flavor, nutrition or even eye-appeal.”

Melissa's Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce is an inspiring, easy to read resource that will bolster the novice cook’s confidence in using fresh ingredients, while offering the more experienced home chef an array of new flavor combinations that will perk the most inventive of culinary imaginations. We are confident that this combination of being both a fresh produce guide as well as an extensive compilation of quick and tasty Mini Apple Pierecipes will make this book a favorite kitchen tool. From the very first page it provides the busy home cook with a year-round fresh ingredient list and how to prepare each item on it, one season at a time.