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August, 2012

Come and enjoy the AWESOME FLAVOR of the best tasting Chile Pepper on the Planet...

Melissa's Produce and Bristol Farms present:

GET YOUR FIX! The Great Hatch Chile Roasting Tour!

Authentic New Mexico Hatch Chiles - Are you Ready to Roast?  Let us know

Hatch Chile Peppers are grown exclusively in New Mexico’s fertile Hatch Valley.

Just the right balance of intense sunlight, rich Rio Grande River soil and the cool desert nights are the secret ingredients to the HATCH FLAVOR EXPERIENCE.

Authentic New Mexico Hatch Chiles - Get Your Fix!

This is your opportunity to get them, right here, in your own back yard!

Melissa’s will be roasting the famous Hatch Chile at selected Bristol Farms stores throughout Southern California.

We intend to make Hatch “Chileheads” out of everyone!

Folks in the southwest have been enjoying the harvest time tradition of roasted Hatch Chile Peppers for years.

Melissa’s Produce and Bristol Farms are very excited to bring this southwestern taste experience to Southern California

Don't miss out on the taste of the season!