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Wild King Salmon with Four Citrus Flavors and Cilantro Crust
By Che Rick Vargas


1 teaspoon Preserved Lemons (instructions below) fresh zest will work
1/2 cup Tomato Confit (remaining from Petite Wild Mushroom Cassoulet with Tomato Confit and Crunchy Shoestring Potato Topping recipe)
1 cup Tomato Olive Oil (remaining from Petite Wild Mushroom Cassoulet with Tomato Confit and Crunchy Shoestring Potato Topping recipe)
1 teaspoon Lemon
1 tablespoon Key Limes juice freshly squeezed
1 cup Chicken Stock or Fish Stock concentrated (preferably homemade) at room temperature
1 teaspoon Shallots finely minced
4 tablespoons Cilantro leaves French Bread (day old)
4 fillets Wild King Salmon (6 ounces fillets)
Cracked Black Peppercorn and Kosher or Grey Salt to taste
8 medium Potatoes cubed and roasted


Preparation for Preserved Lemons

This takes 4 months Quarter split, without cutting through, as many ripe organic lemons as you want.

They should look like four wedges connected at the stem end. Put lemons in large sterile glass jar.

Fill jar with kosher or sea salt, roll jar to cover and coat lemons. Store in dry place for at least 4 months.

When ready, rinse and cut away the pulp of the lemon, use only the delicately flavored skin.


Combine all the ingredients, except the cilantro and salmon. Simmer at very low heat for one hour.

Add freshly chopped cilantro leaves to broth just before serving.


Separately cube two cups day-old French bread. Toast slightly in oven, and then crush with the bottom of a clean skillet.

Discard the powder that remains from the breadcrumbs. Combine the crunchy crumbs with fresh cilantro and 2 Tbsp. fresh cilantro leaves from the tomato olive oil. Set aside.

SalmonBrush salmon filets lightly with tomato olive oil, salt and cracked pepper to taste. Place on hot grill.

For the best texture, undercook slightly. Place salmon in a shallow bowl on top of some roasted potatoes, pour some broth over filets and top with crouton crust.

The crust provides a flavor burst and the essential textural contrast.