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Raspberries & Figs with Honey Mousse
By Chef Annie Somerville

Raspberries & Figs with Honey Mousse


1 pint Figs
1/2 cup Honey
4 Egg Yolks
2 pinch Salt
2 cups Heavy Cream


Sort through the raspberries, but do not rinse. Rinse the figs and cut them in half, leaving the stem ends on. Whisk the honey, the yolks and the salt together in a double boiler over hot water on medium heat. (Be sure the upper pan is sitting above the water, not in it.) Whisk the mixture continuously for 8 minutes, noting how the texture changes as it cooks. For the first 2-3 minutes it will be thin and foamy; after 5 minutes it will begin to thicken and the texture will become creamy. Whisk vigorously for a few more minutes, until the mousse is quite thick. Set aside to cool. The texture of the cooled mousse will be stiff and sticky, and slightly difficult to work with.

Whisk 2 tablespoons heavy cream into the mousse, working it until it loosens. Whip the remaining cream until it is firm, folding it into the mousse until it is just incorporated, then whisking the two together. (The cream will lose some of its loft as you whisk it into the mousse.) The texture will be airy and creamy, though a little thinner than you might expect. Makes 3 cups; serves 4.

Loosely arrange the figs on a platter. Sprinkle with the berries, and serve with the passed bowl of mousse.