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Soyrizo and Potato Empanadas
By Chef Andrew Faulkner

Soyrizo and Potato Empanadas


1 Dutch Yellow® Potatoes (24 oz package)
1 Soyrizo
12 oz pkg
4 cups Masa Harina
3 1/2 cups Warm Water
Vegetable Oil to your taste


Peel potatoes and cut into 1/4-inch dice. In a saucepan of boiling salted water cook potato 3 minutes, or until just cooked through, and drain in a colander.

Remove casings from soyrizo and crumble. Mix soyrizo and potatoes together.

Line 2 baking sheets with plastic wrap. In a large bowl stir together masa harina and warm water until a dough forms.

Pinch off small pieces of dough and shape into about forty 1-inch balls. Transfer balls to a baking sheet and cover with more plastic wrap.

From a plastic bag, cut two 5-inch squares and use one to line lower half of a tortilla press. Put a ball of dough in tortilla press and top with second square of plastic.

Close tortilla press, pushing gently on lever to flatten dough just to a 2 1/2-inch round. (Alternatively, flatten dough between squares of plastic using a rolling pin.)

Remove top plastic square and put a rounded teaspoon filling in center of round.

Fold round over filling to form a half moon, using plastic underneath to support dough if necessary, and pinch edges together to seal.

Transfer turnover to other baking sheet. Make more turnovers in same manner, reusing plastic squares, and put on baking sheets.

Turnovers may be prepared up to this point and kept, covered with plastic wrap, chilled 1 day or frozen 1 week.

Thaw turnovers 1 hour before proceeding. In a large saucepan heat 1 inch oil until it registers 375° F on a deep-fat thermometer and fry turnovers in batches of 8 to 10 until golden, about 2 to 3 minutes.

Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain and make sure oil returns to 375° F before adding next batch. Serve empanaditas immediately with guacamole or fresh tomato salsa.