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Plantains with Tomato and Greens
By Chef Elizabeth A. Jackson


3 ripe Plantain Bananas 
1/2 cup Peanut Oil 
1 Organic Yellow Onion choped 
1 Organic Tomatoes chopped 
1 Green Peppers seeded and sliced in thin rings 
1/2 teaspoon Red Peppers ground 
1/2 teaspoon Salt 
1/2 teaspoon Organic Ginger Root ground 
1 tablespoon Tomato Paste 
1/2 pound Kale or Collard Greens (about 4 cups) steemed and chopped 


Peel plantains by making several slits down the length of the plantain with a sharp knife, and sliding fingers under peel to remove it. 

Slice into 1 inch chunks. Heat oil in large saucepan and add onion. Simmer 5 minutes over medium heat. 

Add tomato, green pepper, red pepper, salt, ginger and tomato paste and continue to simmer for 10 minutes. 

Add plantains and chopped greens. Add 1 1/2 cups water, cover and bring to a boil. 

Remove lid and simmer over medium heat, uncovered, until plantains are soft and sauce thickens, about 30 minutes.