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Prawns with Gazpacho and Avocado Salad
By Chef Shannon Galusha


Tomatillo Sauce

1/2 Organic Yellow Onion
1/2 pound Tomatillo husked
1 Jalapeno Chile
1/4 cup Light Brown Sugar
1/2 bunch Organic Cilantro
2 cups Chicken Stock
1 whole Organic Limes juiced
1 tablespoon Canola Oil


1 pound Organic Thompson Seedless Grapes
1/2 pound Organic Cucumbers
2 Organic Shallots
6 ounces Fennel
1 pinch Cayenne Pepper
1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds
1/2 cup Almonds blanced and toasted
1 clove Organic Garlic
6 ounces Olive Oil
1/2 cup Plain Yogurt
1/2 cup Half and Half
1 ounce Sherry Vinegar
Salt and Pepper to taste

Avocado Salad

5 ripe Organic Avocado
1 whole Organic Limes juiced
1 Fennel Bulb
1 European Cucumber
1 cup Tomatillo Sauce
1 pound Prawns fresh, wild, peeled and de-veined
3 cloves Organic Garlic sliced
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Chile Powder 


Sauce Preparation

Wash and chop vegetables. 

Cook onions with the canola oil in a sauté pan until translucent. 

Add all other ingredients and bring to a simmer. 

Cook over medium heat until tomatillos are soft; approximately 30 minutes. 

Purée in a blender and strain through a fine mesh sieve. 

Season with salt and pepper to taste. 

Chill in refrigerator.

Gazpacho Preparation

Wash all the fruits and vegetables. 

Peel and seed cucumber, de-stem the tomatoes. 

Cut the vegetables into large dice and combine in a blender with the cayenne, fennel seed, almonds and garlic. 

Once the soup has become smooth, emulsify in the olive oil, yogurt and half and half. 

Finish seasoning with sherry vinegar, salt and pepper. 

Chill in refrigerator.

Avocado Salad Preparation

Peel, de-seed and small dice the cucumber and fennel bulb. 

Remove the skins and pith from the avocado and small dice. 

Combine the diced vegetables with the tomatillo sauce and adjust the seasoning with lime juice, salt and pepper. 

Chill, but not for too long,x as the avocado will turn brown.

Prawns Preparation

Once the prawns are cleaned, marinate them in the chili powder, garlic and olive oil overnight. 

The prawns produce the best flavor if grilled but you can also poach them in olive oil or roast them in a 400 degree oven. 

Cook until just done, do not overcook or they will be tough.

Plating Instructions

Use a large, flat white plate. Place a tablespoon of the Tomatillo Sauce off center on the plate. 

Take a knife and starting in the center of the Tomatillo Sauce draw it through making a long teardrop. 

The Avocado Salad is centered on the plate using a mold and the just cooked Prawns are arranged on top (two to three Prawns per serving). 

Specks of paprika are added for color and a few drops of olive oil. 

Serve the Gazpacho in a tall shot glass (approximately 2 ounces) next to the plate.