Peewee Potato Salad
By Chef Tom Fraker


3 pounds Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes (DYP's)
12 ounces Pearl Onions
3 ounces Shallots
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Spice Rubs (Latin or Asian Rubs) to taste
Organic Grinders (Garlic and Herb Sea Salt) to taste
Garnishing Sauces (Roasted Yellow Pepper Garnish Sauce) to taste


Starting with cold, salted water, bring potatoes to a boil and cook until fork tender. 

Drain and let cool. 

Boil pearl onions until tender and immediately submerge in icewater until cool. 

Peel and set aside. 

Dice shallots, season with salt & pepper and saute in oil until translucent. 

Let cool. 

In large bowl, gently combine potatoes, onions and shallots. 

Season with Garlic & Herb Grinder, and garnish with Yellow Pepper Sauce.