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Jollof Rice with Vegetables
By Chef Elizabeth A. Jackson


1 small Eggplant 
1/2 small Napa Cabbage or Savoy 
7 tablespoons Peanut Oil 
1 Organic Yellow Onion chopped
2 Organic Tomatoes chopped 
2 Organic Bell Pepper (use Green Bell Pepper) chopped 
1 1/2 cups Long Grain Rice 
3 cups Broth 
2 tablespoons Tomato Paste 
1/8 teaspoon Black Pepper 
1/4 teaspoon Organic Ginger Root ground 
1/4 teaspoon Red Peppers ground 
1 teaspoon Salt 
2 teaspoon Brown Sugar 
1/2 teaspoon Thyme or 1/4 teaspoon of Dried Thyme 


Prepare cabbage and eggplant first: peel eggplant, cut into 3/4 inch chunks, and fry in 3 tablespoons of oil until golden; slice cabbage leaves into long, wide strips and steam until just soft, about 5 minutes, and drain. 

Keep cabbage and eggplant warm in a covered saucepan. 

Heat remaining oil over medium heat in large, heavy or non-stick pot. 

Add onion, tomatoes, and green peppers, and simmer until vegetables are soft, about 10 minutes. 

Add rice, broth, tomato paste, black pepper, ginger, red pepper, salt, brown sugar and thyme. 

Bring to a boil, cover and lower heat. Simmer until rice is cooked, about 15-20 minutes. 

Remove from heat, stir, then replace cover and let rice set for 5 minutes. 

Add eggplant and cabbage to pot. Stir gently to mix, and serve.