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Italian Spring Salad
By Melissa's Corporate Chef


4 cups Spring Mix (Spring Salad Mix) 
1 each Yellow Bell Pepper medium, cut into strips 
1 each Red onion small, separated into rings 
1/4 cup Black Olives sliced 
1 each Roma Tomatoes cut in 0.5 inch cubes 
2 tablespoons Parmesan Cheese grated Black Pepper For the Dressing 
2 tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar 
4 teaspoons Olive Oil 
1 tablespoon Water 
1 clove Organic Garlic *Roasted and Finely Minced 
1/2 teaspoon Dried Oregano crushed 


Whisk together the red wine vinegar, water, garlic, and oregano, slowly stream in the olive oil, while continuing to whisk. 

When well combined toss in spring mix, bell pepper, onion, olives, and tomato. 

Garnish with Parmesan and black pepper 


* used 1/2 t ground pepper 

*Roasted Garlic Tip