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Island Greens with Papaya Seed Dressing
By Chef Graham Kerr

Island Greens with Papaya Seed Dressing


1 head Napa Cabbage washed and cored
1/3 Hot House Cucumbers (English Cucumber)
6 Scallions cut diagonallly into 1/2 inch pieces
1 cup Mung Bean Sprouts rinsed and loosely packed
4 cups Organic Spinach washed and stemmed
30 Cilantro Leaves very finely sliced
1 Organic Limes peeled sectioned chopped and juice reserved
2 tablespoons Pepitas/Raw Pumpkin Seeds
1 large Papaya ripe peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes or scooped in balls (reserve seeds)


4 slices Organic Ginger peeled about 1/4 inch thick
2 cloves Organic Garlic peeled and thinly sliced
1 teaspoon Mustard Powder
1 tablespoon Papaya Seeds
1/2 cup Rice Vinegar
1/4 cup Light Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Brown Sugar
1 tablespoon Tamari (Low Sodium)


To prepare the salad:
Pick out 6 of the nicest, largest cabbage leaves and refrigerate the rest for another use.
Cut out the white stems and slice them crosswise into strips.
You should have about 1 cup.
Wrap the leaves loosely in a towel and refrigerate.
Peel the cucumber and trim the sides flat so that it forms a long rectangle, then cut into a 1/2 inch dice.
Put the cabbage stems, cucumber, onions, sprouts, spinach, cilantro, lime, lime juice, and pumpkin seeds in a large salad spinner.
Add the papaya and toss gently.
Refrigerate the ingredients in the salad spinner until ready to serve.
To prepare the dressing:
Process the ginger, garlic, mustard powder, papaya seeds, rice vinegar, oil, brown sugar, and tamari in a blender at high speed for about 1 minute.

To Serve
Pour the dressing over the greens in the salad spinner.
Give the spinner a few good turns to allow the extra dressing to spin off.
Collect the dressing from the bottom of the spinner and sprinkle 2 tablespoons over the top of the greens.
The leftover dressing will keep in the refrigerator for several days.
Place a chilled cabbage leaf on each salad plate and arrange a portion of the salad on top.