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Grilled Fresh Fruit Platter
By Chef Tom Fraker

Grilled Fresh Fruit Platter


1 1/2 pounds South African Baby Pineapples peeled and sliced
1 pound Red Bananas ends cut off halved and unpeeled
4 Organic Apples (use Fuji Apples) cored and halved
4 ripe Organic Mango seeded and unpeeled
3 Strawberry Papayas halved seeded and unpeeled
Flavorless Cooking Spray as needed


Prepare barbecue making sure grill is clean and gets very hot.

Spray the fruit with the cooking spray and place on the grill.

Cook the mango and the papaya until just heated and carefully remove from the grill.

If you cook these too long, they will turn to mush.

Cook the rest of the fruit until you achieve nice grill marks on both sides.

Place the fruit on a platter and serve.


To add a little sweetness, drizzle the fruit with your favorite Melissa's Dessert Sauce.