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Fried Zucchini Blossom Saute
By Chef Christina Pirello


6 Organic Zucchini Blossoms rinsed well and towel dried 
Light Olive Oil for frying 

Tempura Batter 

1 cup Whole Wheat Flour 
Sea Salt generous pinch 
1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder 
pinch Dried Basil scant 
2 teaspoons Kuzu dissolved in small amount of cold water 

Dark Beer 

Sauté Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
2 cloves Organic Garlic thinly sliced 
3 Shallots thinly sliced half moon pieces 
Sea Salt 
1 Organic Carrots diced 
1 Baby Summer Squash (use Yellow Baby Summer Squash) diced 
1 Organic Zucchini diced 
Dry White Wine 
Basil Leaves finely shredded 
1 Organic Lemon (zest) 
1 ripe Organic Tomatoes 


Wash and dry the zucchini blossoms and set aside. Prepare the tempura batter. 

Combine all ingredients, slowly adding dark beer to create a pancake-like batter (you may use sparkling water instead of beer). 

Set batter aside for 15 minutes before using. Place about an inch of oil in a cast iron skillet, over low heat. 

Place a small amount of oil, garlic and shallots in a skillet over medium heat. 

When the shallots begin to sizzle, add a pinch of salt and saute for 1-2 minutes. 

Stir in carrot, a pinch of salt and saute for 1-2 minutes. 

Stir in yellow squash and zucchini, season lightly with salt and add about ½ cup white wine to the skillet. 

Cover and reduce heat to low, cooking until carrots are tender, about 12 minutes. 

Remove cover, stir in basil and lemon zest and cook over medium heat until any remaining liquid has been absorbed into the dish. 

Stir in tomatoes and spoon mixture onto a serving platter. 

When the oil is hot, dip each zucchini blossom into the batter, coating them completely. 

Fry in hot oil until golden and crispy, turning as needed to insure even frying. 

Drain fried blossoms on paper and then arrange them on top of the sauteed vegetables. Serve immediately.