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Healthy Lent Season Banana Split
By Chef Tom Fraker


4 ripe Baby Bananas cut in half lengthwise
1 Mini Watermelon
2 six-ounce containers Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt
2 South African Baby Pineapples diced
2 three-ounce packages Dried Blueberries
Dessert Sauces (use Chocolate Dessert Sauce flavor) to taste


Divide the bananas among 4 dessert bowls placing 1 banana slice on opposite sides of the dish. Remove one portion of watermelon using a large ice cream scoop and place in the center of the dish. Whip the yogurt and evenly drizzle over each dish. Sprinkle the pineapples and blueberries over the banana splits. Finish by drizzling the chocolate sauce over each dessert.


Refrigerate the extra watermelon to eat for a snack later.