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Armenian Cucumbers Kiwano Horned Melon Korean Melons
Kiwano Horned Melon
Our Price: $39.99
Korean Melons
Our Price: $16.29
The Armenian cucumber is regarded as one of the best slicing cucumber varieties available in the marketplace today
The spiky, orange colored shells of Kiwano Melons encase a soft, succulent bright green flesh. Melissa’s Kiwano Melons are mild in flavor and similar in taste to juicy, seed-filled cucumbers. Once peeled, Melissa’s Kiwano Melons can be tossed in fresh fruit salads or served as a garnish with roasted meats. Korean melons have a juicy white flesh.  They also have a large seed cavity in the center filled with inedible seeds.
Organic Red Raven Plums Pepino Melon
Pepino Melon
Our Price: $24.99
These plums offer the highest level of nutrition for a plum and have a nutritional level comparable with blueberries in health benefits. Pepinos are often enjoyed in fruit or spinach salads or simply cut in half and served individually, topped with a sprinkling of fresh lemon or lime juice and chile powder.