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Asian Pear Cactus Pears Dried Pears
Asian Pear
Our Price: $14.29
Cactus Pears
Our Price: $21.59
Dried Pears
Our Price: $10.80
Melissa's Asian Pears are remarkably juicy and refreshing, with a mild and sweet pear-flavored flesh and a very crisp, crunchy apple-like texture. Cactus Pears are usually served cold, peeled and sectioned with the seeds and served in fruit salads or they can be sprinkled with brown sugar, lime juice and topped with whipped cream to create a unique dessert.
Sun-dried from the highest quality sweet, fresh pears.
Forelle Pears Organic Bosc Pears Organic DAnjou Pears
Forelle Pears
Our Price: $21.99
Organic Bosc Pears
Our Price: $17.89
Organic D'Anjou Pears
Our Price: $21.99
Forelle pears are a very small, tasty heirloom variety with a history that can be traced to 17th century Germany in origin. Organic Bosc Pears make a healthy and delicious snack, but they are also good poached or baked whole. D’Anjou Pears have short tapering necks without distinct shoulders, almost egg-shaped. They have a yellow green skin, which does not change color even when ripe.
Seckle Pears Yali Pears
Seckle Pears
Our Price: $17.49
Yali Pears
Our Price: $12.99
Melissa’s Seckle Pears are a brownish-yellow to russet color with a dark red blush. These sweet treat are small, almost bite-sized, with a satisfying, slightly grainy texture. Yali Pears have a light greenish-yellow skin with a crisp white interior. They are a bit thinner and softer than the familiar Asian pear.