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Amber Jewel Plums Angel Fire Peaches Angelcots
Melissa’s Amber Jewel Plumcots are large, delicious plum/apricot hybrids. These thin-skinned, burgundy colored fruits are a semi-freestone variety. More flat than round and looking very similar to a donut, this new proprietary variety is much sweeter than regular peaches. A new variety of apricot with a beautiful light rose blush over a yellow skin and creamy white interior.
Apriums Asian Pear Australian Lychee Fruit
Asian Pear
Our Price: $14.29
A cross between a plum and and apricot, the Aprium has the most delicious properties of both fruits. With their slight fuzz and round shape, apriums more closely resemble apricots. Melissa's Asian Pears are remarkably juicy and refreshing, with a mild and sweet pear-flavored flesh and a very crisp, crunchy apple-like texture. Each contains a single, large, inedible seed. One cup of fresh lychee fruit has only 125 calories, more vitamin C than oranges or lemons and is loaded with potassium.
Baby Bananas Baby Heirloom Tomatoes Baby Pineapple Crate
Baby Bananas
Our Price: $27.00
Baby Heirloom Tomatoes
Our Price: $15.20
Baby Pineapple Crate
Our Price: $53.79
Shaped like miniature slender bananas, this small, crunchy specialty banana is usually eaten out of hand or sliced raw for use in fruit salads. Generally, an “heirloom” variety is one that has existed more than fifty years, and can reproduce from its own seed. Melissa’s Mixed Baby Heirloom Tomato pack connects us to the essence and history of homegrown varieties. These sweet, tart baby pineapples have a bold, rich flavor. They have a fragrant, golden skin and brilliantly colored yellow flesh.
Banana Sampler Bing Cherries Black Cherry Plumcots
Banana Sampler
Our Price: $28.49
Fresh from the tropics, a rare selection of the finest "hands" of bananas make up this assortment. Bing Cherries are distinguished by their beautiful deep ruby skin and flesh. It is aptly named for both its cherry flavored overtones and round shape.
Black Mission Figs Black Nector Plumcots Black Tupelo Pluots
Melissa’s Black Mission Figs are very rich in color.  They are known for their deep purple color which turns black as they are dried. One of the first Plumcot varieties of the new season is also one of the sweetest. Black Tupelo Pluots have a dark burgundy skin speckled with gold; the interior fruit is an attractive rosy red.