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Baby Artichokes Baby Bok Choy Baby Broccoli
Baby Artichokes
Our Price: $13.79
Baby Bok Choy
Our Price: $21.99
These tiny green vegetables are small in size and large in flavor. Melissa’s Baby Artichokes have a bright green color and sharp tips, these artichokes are more tender, It is a versatile vegetable which is delicious in soups and stir-fry, braised whole or sautéed. Melissa’s Baby Broccoli is a cross between broccoli and Gai Lan, also known as Chinese Broccoli.
Baby Brussels Sprouts Baby Brussels Sprouts (Flow Wrapped Package) Baby Candy Cane Beets
Baby Brussels Sprouts
Our Price: $12.29
Baby Brussels Sprouts are great when lightly steamed and served as a healthy side dish. They are grown in Holland. Tasting similar to regular cabbage, these darling fresh nutty-flavored sprouts have a solid and dense texture. Melissa’s Baby Candy Cane Beets are about the size of a golf ball with a lush foot of rich green tops, named because of the “candy cane” stripes found when you cut the beets in half.
Baby Cauliflower Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes Baby French Carrots
Baby cauliflower is smaller and much easier to prepare than the mature larger size cauliflower. These baby potatoes can be cooked in almost any way imaginable and provide a delicious way to round out a healthy diet. They have a light, subtle flavor and a creamy texture. To preserve the nutrients in these wonderfully healthy treats, leave the skins on and simply scrub gently in water before using. With a reputation for unusually high sugar content, these French Nantes carrots are picked very young at the peak of tenderness.
Baby Gold Beets Baby Heirloom Tomatoes Baby Maroon Carrots
Baby Heirloom Tomatoes
Our Price: $15.20
Melissa’s Baby Gold Beets are about the size of a golf ball with a lush foot of rich green tops, named because of gold found on the exterior and when you cut the beets in half. Generally, an “heirloom” variety is one that has existed more than fifty years, and can reproduce from its own seed. Melissa’s Mixed Baby Heirloom Tomato pack connects us to the essence and history of homegrown varieties. This hybrid variety was developed by a former horticulture professor at Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who was trying to simply come up with a carrot celebrating the school’s color, maroon!
Baby Pumkins Baby Purple Artichokes Baby Purple Carrots
Melissa’s Orange and White Baby Pumpkins can add color and design to your Fall Harvest display. Melissa’s Baby Purple Artichokes have the same great taste as large green artichokes. They are bright purple in color with sharp tips. With origins in the Middle East, the Baby Purple carrot is prized by culinary professionals for its vibrant, deep purple color and complex, slightly sweet-tart flavor.